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About Us

WaruKal Group Australia Pty Ltd is an Aboriginal Family Owned Company which was founded in conjunction with its partner MIB Facilities Pty Ltd. WaruKal Group is based in Darwin, Northern Territory and delivers services Australia wide in industries such as, Safety Management, Training and Development (RTO), Construction, Demolition, Remediation and Fuels Management and Maintenance.


Our Mission

To provide employment opportunities with further training on the job to develop and upskill Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous people, with the aim to break poverty and the dependency cycle and to become qualified and competent  in their chosen industries. To provide employment opportunities in a Multi-Disciplined Successful Organisation.

Our Goal

WaruKal Group Australia’s goal is to be a leading Indigenous Company, delivering services in Safety Management, Training and Development (RTO), Construction, Demolition, Remediation and Fuel Services/Fuel Maintenance Australia wide.

Our Vision

WaruKal Group Australia’s vision is to be a company that inspires Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous People to create a better life for all including our Clients. This will be achieved through Warukal leadership in developing and empowering employees to achieve goals and aspirations. Senior Management working with Clients in developing lean and smarter methods and solutions. Securing long term and ongoing contracts and joint ventures with companies while providing training and development, leading to employment for the local Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous people and focus on community social, environmental and financial development.

Our Approach and Committment

WaruKal Group is a proud registered member of Supply Nation and is striving to be the leading Aboriginal Company in advancing the social and economic well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous people towards achieving self-determination and self-management into the future.

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WaruKal Group Pty Ltd is well positioned with our Joint Venture MIB Facilities Pty Ltd, to provide a number of services to Australia’s leading companies. WaruKal Group will be a leading Multi-Disciplined Company who will be a fully integrated service provider offering numerous benefits and solutions. MIB Facilities is a multi disciplined Contractor in the Construction and Petroleum industry. MIB Facilities expertise in a number of industries and WaruKal Group’s Training and Development Management skills will bring benefits and solutions to Clients.

Being able to provide a full range of Construction related solutions and Managing Site Safety gives Clients confidence in WaruKal Group in meeting project and business objectives. WaruKal Group Management will provide support, guidance and employment and training opportunities for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous employees and Contractors. 

What differentiates WaruKal Group is we provide independent safety management to our Clients and companies whilst conducting numerous Construction related activities.

WaruKal Group is unique with providing the following:

  • Multi-disciplined organisation

  • Multi-skilled employees

  • Integrated business who can manage all site requirements

  • Employment with training and development for career and personal growth

  • Community Connection

  • Growth in Social, Financial and Personal Development