Core Values

what drives us

WaruKal Group Australia Pty Ltd implements Six Core Values that are important to us as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. – Respect, Cultural Continuity, Safety & Wellbeing, Teamwork, Integrity, Accountability and Responsibility. 



We believe that relationships are built on mutual trust.  Respect to us is, 'Respect for Others', 'Respect for Self' and 'Others Respecting you'.

Cultural Continuity 

To preserve and acknowledge our cultural heritage for all current and future generations and cultural heritage of others.

Safety & Wellbeing

Safety is our priority and focus for every shift.  We value the safety of our colleagues and communities and are committed to maintaining zero harm. 


Teamwork is built on respect, trust, transparency, assisting others and communication.  To achieve a great team is to achieve great things. 


We believe that People own their words and their actions.  All Management, Staff and Contractors to have the courage to stand by their decisions and act in a safe manner of the highest honour and integrity in all their dealings. 

Accountability & Responsibility 

All employees, contractors and visitors are accountable for their actions and will be held to the highest standards.  WaruKal Group Australia Pty Ltd believes that everyone is responsible for the social, environmental, finance decisions and actions we make for ourselves and one another. 

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